Models of Projector Lamps

Complete modules you can plug and play, with worry-free warranty.


Projector Brands

Thoroughly cover projector brands in the mainstream market.


Options: OEM and Generics

Bulbs and modules, OEM and Generic lamps. Flexible to meet your needs.


Innovation never stops

Artificial Intelligence + Internet of Things for Smart Homes

From offline voice recognition to versatile online multi-lingual recognition, Alexa, Google Home, Siri, Tmall Genie ... provide convenience in our Smart Homes.

AIoT with Lighting has brought convenience in our everyday life.

Met-Light continues merging voice and vision with lighting to transform life experience.

Safe UVC Light: a promising solution to end the pandemic

222 nm UVC light inactivates virus
while not harming people

Columbia University and Ushio studies show 222 nm UVC light can effectively inactivates airborn and surface virus, including Covid-19 and SARS. The World is tracking the progress of this ingenious and prominent development that could help us end the war with the virus.

Met-Light is here to help deliver a lighting solution.

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Reduce Carbon Footprint

In gas powered vehicles, Stop-Idle Oil Pump for AT and CVT helps reduce gas consumption. Hence, cars emit less pollutants when idle.

It even reduces noise pollution when cars are idling at traffic lights.

We design and implement the electronic control system for the stop-idle oil pump.